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Paddy mini installation kits are the best approach for a seemless "plug & play" control solution. They come pre-programmed to your specs, and let you be immediately fully operational. And they are so easy to use that no training is required for users. If they can push a button, they can use Paddy mini.



It is the most reliable control option one can think of. Control codes are loaded into the receiver module, which is connected to the projector, LCD screen, or any other device, with a short serial cable. Almost all projectors and professional monitors feature a serial port for control. It is less common for consumer devices where infrared control is favoured as it doesn't require any programming. 

PAD-S041 : includes a 4-button transmitter and an RS232 receiver with cable set

PAD-S042 : same, plus a projection screen receiver

PAD-S081 : includes two 4-button transmitters and an RS232 receiver with cable set

PAD-S082 : same, plus a projection screen receiver



The main benefit of an infrared controller is the capability to "record" control codes from the original remote, without any programming as opposed to RS232. Drawback is a lesser reliability due to multiple interference sources (neon lights, etc.), and a learning of codes that may prove difficult if the "carrying frequency" isn't stable. Also, infrared control usually runs through multiple "tree" menus that are difficult to emulate on controllers. But once installed, an infrared receiver should prove as efficient as an RS232 receiver.

PAD-R041 : includes a 4-button transmitter and an infrared receiver (4 code memory)

PAD-R042 : same, plus a projection screen receiver



The 4- and 8- function kits come standard with transmitters "S4" type, that allow users to tailor the design of the graphics to their needs. For 2- function kits, the new "pocket format" remote can be mounted on walls as well as be used stand alone. With two buttons, it is perfectly suited for simple "on / off" or "up / down" applications.



thanks to Paddy mini exclusive wireless technology, expending over the intial starter kit is child's game. Adding transmitters or receivers takes a few minutes, and doesn't require any hard work or remodeling of the room. 

PM-EC : electrical screen up / down / stop

PM-RX2 : two independant NO/NC 230v relays

PM-RX4 : 4 contact closure relays

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